#Ex1on1, Episode 3: Sally explains Isaac

“People need writers all the time,” Isaac Simpson says casually.  Tulane educated lawyer threw in the towel on a conventional life and moved to LA to write.  Ever since, Isaac has been giving a voice to his own experiences and translating the gauntlet of others’ experiences from tech CEOs to congressional candidates to gangster rappers.  In-between law school and making the move to the west coast, Simpson traveled through Asia, which is chronicled in his book, Philosophy and Fucking in Vietnam.  Simpson’s writing has been also been featured in LA WeeklyVice, Complex and The Daily Dot

And he’s ‘write’, people, especially scientists, need writers all the time. Throughout the year, Isaac runs workshops at UCSD teaching graduate students, usually scientists and engineers, how to effectively translate their technical expertise to better communicate with their community, to communicating to the public.  In the age of don’t-always-believe-what-you-read-on-the-internet, it is important that real science from the source is disseminated efficiently.  “The way we tell our story has changed because of the internet,” Isaac adds.  Finding the simplest and most elegant way to explain something to your targeted audience is key. You can find more about about Isaac Simpson on his website  http://isaacsimspon.co/.