“Spread Love” - That's The Brooklyn College Way!

Brooklyn College was one of the first clients for Explainables and the proud Alma Mater of our managing director Jesse John. From its inception Explainables was designed to help young aspiring scientists improve their communication. The majority of our associates has progressed from undergraduate through doctoral degrees in science and competed in science communication competitions around the world. We pay it forward by working with the next generation of scientists to give them essential communication tools we were never formally taught.

This summer the Explainables had the privilege of working with incoming freshmen from the National Institutes of Biomedical Imaging and Bio-engineering at Brooklyn College. The purpose of this workshop was to have cohorts build relationships while improving communication through low-risk activities that facilitate trust, develop bonds, and highlight the value of teams. During this one day workshop, students participated in classic Explainables improvisation and team-building exercises. We focused on activities that allowed students to use their creativity and imagination to improve their communication. Once we established the culture of open communication students felt comfortable opening up and taking big risks while trusting their colleagues. This allowed the entire group to establish deeper bonds with each other.

” This was as finding new friends at the end of a semester on the first day of class.”

Participant of the Explainables workshop at Brooklyn College

Our new Cohorts workshops are highly modular and can help any group increase their communication, productivity, and relationships. It was a great experience working with the Brooklyn College students and their administrators who are ready to start their Peer-Led Team Research projects with a fresh perspective on group work. We are looking forward for the next workshops in this exciting collaboration with Brooklyn College. 

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