Dr. Daniel Angerhausen

Daniel is the explainables’ Master of the Universe. As an Astrophysicist and Astrobiologist he worked on the search for life in space for NASA and at other prestigious institutions such as RPI or Caltech. Dr. Angerhausen is an Alda Center and Famelab alumnus, that gave more than 100 presentations over the past 5 years. Daniel traveled over 40 countries and communicates between cultures in German, English and French.



Jesse is a Graduate Researcher at the State University of New York at Stony Brook's Geosciences Department. He is the explainables’ expert for all things material science and nano-technology. Jesse is an Alda Center and Famelab alumnus. He lives in Brooklyn from where he runs our New York office.



Amran Salleh

Amran is the creative head of the explainables. Working as an independent designer he is passionate about creating brand worlds and communication concepts. He realized conceptions for several exhibitions in Latvia, Italy and Germany. Amran's main objective is to close the gap between science an its graphic visualization. Based in Hamburg, Germany, he extends our network to Europe.



Komal Magsi is a Research Assistant Professor of Technology Design at Stony Brook University. Her research background includes photosynthetic mechanisms to increase energy transfer in third generation photovoltaic cells. Komal has a B.E in Electrical Engineering and a PhD in Materials Science and Engineering and is also recognized as a NY State SUNY Applied Learning Expert.



Danilo T Perez Rivera

Danilo is a Senior Undergraduate student at the University of Puerto Rico at Cayey. Participating in projects from epidemiology, to astrochemistry, to neuroscience, his preparation in assembling descriptive computational frameworks gives quantitative meaning to the hypotheses we test day in and day out. As a FameLab alumnus, Danilo continuously voices his passion about us all coming together as problem solvers to answer the questions we all care about.

Hannah Wakeford

Hannah uses the Hubble Space Telescope to make spectroscopic observations of exoplanet atmospheres, through this work Hannah also produces models to interpret the impact of condensation and clouds in exoplanet atmospheres in preparation for future studies with JWST. Hannah’s work is also focused on developing and applying detailed analysis techniques to space-based observations to improve observational strategy and efficiency for future missions. In her spare time she is a strong advocate for science communication and has produced Radio shows, YouTube video series, and audio podcasts. Hannah is currently part of the podcast "Exocast" which focuses on the exploration of extra-solar worlds.



Isaac Simpson

Isaac is a journalist, author, and copywriter based in Los Angeles. His essays and gonzo journalism have appeared in Vice, LA Weekly, Complex, Vox, Curbed, The Daily Dot, and LosAngeles.com. As an Alda Center alumni, he is passionate about communicating science, and teaches the Distilling the Message portion of Inspiring Research: Creative Strategies for Communication, a week-long workshop for science graduate students at UC-San Diego. His first book, a travel memoir titled Philosophy and Fucking in Vietnam, was published by Outlaw Publishing in 2015.


Michael Hippke

Michael is an astrophysics researcher with a background in data analysis and computer science. His business career included consulting jobs at leading companies such as McKinsey, BP, Shell and Bosch. He is a sought-after speaker at astrophysics conferences focusing on all sorts of big and small data.



Sarah Blumenthal

Sarah or "Sally" is an ex-opera singer gone astrochemist. She currently works as a contracted scientist at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center and will start the Astrophysics PhD program Spring of 2017 at The University of Exeter. Before researching exoplanets, she performed extensively as a professional singer starting at the age of 12. Her background in stage performance brings a unique perspective to the art of science communication.