NASA@work #scicomm award for Explainable Dr. Hannah Wakeford

In April 2016 NASA posted the following challenge:

"Like most federal agencies, NASA and its employees are guilty of the pervasive use of acronyms, buzzwords, and technical jargon.  Use of these words impedes communication and makes the agency’s work less approachable for the general public.  To address this problem, the goal of this challenge was to improve science communication at NASA in a creative and fun way. Specifically, the Challenge Owners of this challenge asked the NASA@ work community for short video clips of employees describing their job at NASA using only Upgoer5 words - the ten hundred (1000) most used words."

Explainables associate Dr. Hannah Wakeford gave it a shot and we are not surprised at all that she brought home the commemorative pin. Way to go, Hannah!

Read more here.

If you want to learn more about the Upgoer 5 science communication "language" that only uses a list of the most thousand commonly used English words read here.

Selected as the WINNER of NASA@Work video challenge 2016! Explain your Air and Space job in under a minute using just the top 1,000 most common words in the English language. See the XKCD Up Goer 5 challenge writer and give it a go Here is my script for what I do.