Explainable Amran designs exhibition at the Zoological Museum in Hamburg

Explainable Amran Salleh is an independant designer who recently finished a project for the aac Academy for Architectural Culture in collaboration with the Center of Natural History of the University of Hamburg. Amran and his partner Heidi Knaut designed the exhibition concept and managed the project from draft to realization.

The purpose of this architectural exhibition is to illustrate how a 21st century natural history museum can adapt to a modern user centered design and atmosphere. During a workshop in Hamburg the aac and the Center of Natural History developed and refined the idea of the "Evolutioneum", where public exhibitions, scientific work and historical collections merge in one building.

The key visual of the exhibition is composed of 5 models of a new museum for Hamburg. These models are designed and constructed by the students of the aac. To highlight the students work they created a luminized model sculpture in the center of the exhibition space which divides the room in two small worlds - the history and the vision. 

You can visit the exhibition in the Zoological Museum of Hamburg until the end of August 2017. For further information check the link below.
aac exhibition for an Evolutioneum in Hamburg   

Picture credit Marcus Bredt